8 Amazon Rainforest Endangered Species In Need of Saving


– these are just the ones that humans have discovered. Aside from supporting such a rich biodiversity, the Amazon is also the world’s largest rainforest, playing a crucial role in helping absorb and store carbon dioxide amid increases in global carbon emissions. However, rampant deforestation and increasing wildfire events exacerbated by climate change are destroying more natural habitats every day, threatening the survival of many important and rare species. The situation is only becoming worse under the administration of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, who famously encourages logging and mining activities, causing deforestation rates to reach a 15-year high. Countless animals are at the brink of extinction; these are just eight of the most endangered species in the Amazon Rainforest right now. 

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Record high destruction of trees in January

The number of trees cut down in the Brazilian Amazon in January far exceeded deforestation for the same month last year, according to government satellite data.

The area destroyed was five times larger than 2021, the highest January total since records began in 2015.

Environmentalists accuse Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro of allowing deforestation to accelerate.

Protecting the Amazon is essential if we are to tackle climate change. 

Trees are felled for their wood as well as to clear spaces to plant crops to supply global food companies.

At the climate change summit COP26 in Glasgow last year, more than 100 governments promised to stop and reverse deforestation by 2030.


The latest satellite data from Brazil’s space agency Inpe again calls into question the Brazilian government’s commitment to protecting its huge rainforest, say environmentalists.

“The new data yet again exposes how the government’s actions contradict its greenwashing campaigns,” explains Cristiane Mazzetti of Greenpeace Brazil.

Greenpeace are calling on supermarkets in the UK and elsewhere to drop suppliers who are involved in deforestation from their meat and dairy supply chains suppliers.

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Deforestation totalled 430 square kilometres (166 square miles) in January – an area more than seven times the size of Manhattan, New York.

Felling large numbers of trees at the start of the year is unusual because the rainy season usually stops loggers from accessing dense forest.

Brazil’s vast rainforest absorbs huge amounts of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, acting as what’s known as a carbon sink. But the more trees cut down, the less the forest can soak up emissions.

But the area is also home to communities who say they need to use the forest for mining and commercial farming in order to make a living.

At the same time, indigenous communities living in the Amazon fight to protect the rainforest and their ways of life.

Mr Bolsonaro has weakened environmental protections for the region and argued that the government should exploit the area to reduce poverty.

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The illegal Brazilian gold you may be wearing

A special task force in Brazil is conducting raids deep in the Amazon, in a new crackdown against what it calls “blood gold” mining.

Mining in territories that are supposed to be protected by law is destroying the lives of indigenous people and wreaking havoc on the environment.

The UK is the third biggest buyer of Brazilian gold, and public prosecutors have alleged that 30% of Brazil’s exports may be illegally mined.

The BBC was given exclusive access to film a rare special forces operation. The identities of some of the operatives have been protected.

Film by Gabriel Chaim and Daisy Walsh


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